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Psychology Department Announcements - February 2019

Feliz February, friends! Included below are significant announcements about funding, research, learning, internship and job opportunities. 


Experiential Learning Funds Application (Due February 19th)

President Worthen has provided need-based funding for students to help you achieve your academic and career goals involving mentored learning (i.e. being paid as a research assistant on any faculty project), internships, academic conference travel, relevant-to-psychology workshops, and study abroad.  These funds are for psychology majors who would not otherwise be able to have these academic experiences without financial support.  If you are interested in applying for these need-based funds, please complete this form. 

Applications for experiential learning funding are competitive and funds are limited. Therefore, you need to make a strong case for financial need, the importance of the experience for your professional development, and the quality of the proposed experience. Applicants who can demonstrate clear outcomes that will result from their experience are more likely to be successful. Furthermore, because mentored research experiences are often most central to pursuing careers in psychology, applications detailing specific research outcomes anticipated as a result of the research experience (e.g., a conference presentation, development of a specific research skill) will receive priority.

Eligibility criteria to apply for psychology department experiential learning funding include 1) current psychology major, 2) plans to pursue a career in psychology or related field, 3) currently in good academic standing, and 4) the proposed experience will take place within the current academic year (before September 1, 2019). 

If you wish to apply for experiential learning funds but do not meet these criteria, you must provide a compelling argument for why you the psychology department should support your proposed experience (e.g., you plan to become a psychologist although your major is sociology). These funds are intended to provide psychology experiences, not some other type of experience.

In order to apply, you must contact a psychology department faculty member and discuss your experience plan with them before submitting your application. The faculty member will be required to endorse your application and detail how you will be mentored during your experience in order for your application to be reviewed. Although the faculty member may not be mentoring you directly, they will need to attest to the importance of the experience for your professional development and affirm that you will receive appropriate mentoring.

Applications will be reviewed using the following criteria, please explicitly address each criterion in your application:

  1. Demonstrated need
  2. Relevance of the experience to your professional goals
  3. Mentoring environment and plan
  4. Quality of mentoring and feasibility of success
  5. Qualifications of applicant

We will have two application periods for funding in 2019.  This current application is for proposed experiences to be completed prior to September 2019.  The deadline is February 19th to apply for this first round of funding.  The second application is for proposed experiences during Fall Semester 2019 and the deadline will be sometime during the spring/summer.  With this first round of applications, the committee hopes to have made decisions as to disbursement by the first part of March 2019.



MENTAL HEALTH FORUM - Passionate about mental health or just want to be a better ally to those struggling? This Friday Dr. Carl Hanson, of the Public Health Department, and Dr. Klint Hobbs, a clinical counselor at CAPS, will be holding a forum about the latest, cutting-edge research on depression in partnership with The National Alliance on Mental Illness. NAMI is the nation's largest organization dedicated to improving mental health. Our BYU chapter is one of hundreds of local affiliates and aims to promote leadership among our members and advocate for better mental health resources on campus. If you join NAMI, you will be immediately placed into a leadership council centered on either Education, Outreach or Support. We run weekly support meetings, host campus-wide events and listen and empower those struggling with their mental health. You are not alone! See the attached flier or email for more information.


Utah Coalition Against Pornography Conference

The Utah Coalition Against Pornography has an upcoming conference in Salt Lake City on February 23rd.  See the attached flier for details!





  1. MORE: Minority-Oriented Research Evaluation is a cross-disciplinary content analysis project examining the social sciences literature and its attention to racial/ethnic/cultural minorities. Student researchers will categorize and code journal articles based on topic, level of minority focus, methodology and sample characteristics.

Involved students will benefit in terms of:

  • greater familiarity with PsycINFO (digital database for social science research),
  • increased ability to dissect and understand the structure of journal articles,
  • insight into the larger breadth of social science research topics (clinical and non-clinical)
  • an awareness of the relative under-supply of research focused on racial/ethnic/cultural minorities.
  • Bean will also provide orientation to the application process for graduate school (especially clinical programs), and what admissions committees look for in students.

RAs can participate in the project by enrolling in SFL 403R/PSYCH 430R with Dr. Bean (offered F/W/Spring). Students are then eligible to be considered for paid RA positions.

RA Tasks:

  • Reviewing and qualitatively coding journal articles
  • Working in partnerships for better accuracy/reliability in coding
  • Participate in weekly quality control meetings
  • Verify accuracy of data previously collected
  • Developing research posters/presentations

Faculty Director: Dr. Roy Bean



  1. Casa de Esperanza, a non-profit in Houston, Texas, is looking for interns.  Casa de Esperanza provides residential care to children birth through six who are in crisis due to abuse, neglect, or the effects of HIV.  Care is provided in our neighborhood by our Hands of Hope interns.  Our interns, most of whom are recent college graduates, join us for a year of service (a twelve-month full-time post-graduation internship).  We provide on-site housing (interns live with the children they are caring for) and interns join us from all over the United States to be part of our internship program.  Interns in our program gain valuable experience that is relevant to a number of fields and future career goals while simultaneously making a meaningful difference in the lives of a vulnerable group of children. Information about our internship may be found here: or on the attached flier.

The application for our internship may be found here:



  1. Waterford, a non-profit organization, and the UPSTART program. UPSTART is an in-home, technology-based kindergarten readiness program funded by the State of Utah. The program is currently in its 10th year and serves approximately 14,000 families across the state (you can see more at Each summer we hire teams of interns to travel the state hosting graduation and training events where we assess children, celebrate their accomplishments, and train incoming participants on the program. I am reaching out to you because the time has come for us to start recruiting for our 2019 summer internship. This internship is a great way for college students to connect with others and be a part of a great program. See flier for more details.


  1. Center for Change, one of the most respected facilities for the treatment of eating disorders, is seeking part-time female Psych Techs to collaborate with The Center's multidisciplinary treatment team in providing safe, secure, and supportive treatment to inpatients suffering from Anorexia and Bulimia.  This is an excellent opportunity for college students who are studying behavioral health to gain exposure and build experience in the field.  Part-time techs typically work from 8 to 24 hours/week.  Many students work up to 25 to 30 hours per week based upon their availability for open shifts. Please visit our website to learn more about The Center: Go to our Employment Page and click on the Psych Tech job opening to complete and submit your online application: