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Psychology Department Announcements - April 2019

Happy last full week of classes, Psychology Students! What a thrill! As we wrap up this semester, here are some things you can do to finish things off right, and prepare for summer and/or next semester.



    • Sam Hardy and his graduate student Jenae Nelson are conducting a survey of religiosity and spirituality in young adults here at BYU. If you fill out their survey you can get class credit. A select number of individuals will be chosen to be a part of a qualitative interview to share their religious and spiritual experiences and can get compensation for that.  If you are interested click the link below to be taken to the SONA system, and choose to participate in the study called Understanding Young Adult Spirituality:

    If you don’t need extra credit but still want to participate, you can go directly to the study website:


    • The BYU eye tracking lab is recruiting participants for a study on reading and dyslexia. We are looking for individuals with dyslexia and healthy individuals to serve as a control group. The study has two sessions and the lab is offering $50 compensation (or SONA credit) for participation in the study. They are also offering a referral bonus of $10 per referral (i.e. if you know someone with dyslexia and you tell them about the study and they participate then the lab will pay you). Please email for more details and a link to the screening survey.





    1. The Summer section of Psych 310 has been rescheduled to 10-11:40am MWF. There are currently 7 seats left for whoever may want to complete the class before Fall but might have had a schedule conflict before!


    1. The BYU Department of Psychology is pleased to offer one Summer section of Psychology 353: LDS Perspectives and Psychology on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:00 to 7:30 p.m. This course truly exemplifies the BYU experience as we’ll explore core concepts in psychology through the lens of contemporary, inspired LDS thinking and application. The course content will be a welcomed complement to future therapeutic professionals, research scientists, and any hoping to anchor gospel principles more deeply into modern psychological practices. Enroll – Engage – Embark – Ennoble


    1. If you’re planning on attending grad school then Psych 200 was made for you! Psych 200: “Applying for Graduate School” is a 1 credit course that will be taught this Fall by Dr. Derin Cobia from 2-2:50pm on Tuesdays. All students are welcome, especially freshman and sophomores who are strongly encouraged to get this important information early. The course reviews graduate programs in psychology, preparing application materials, and includes information about the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).


    1. The Psychology Department will be offering Psych 377 the Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory FALL 2019 MWF 9:00-9:50am. This course fulfills one of the elective requirements for the Behavior, Brain, and Cognition cluster (cluster C) in the Psychology Major. The main topic in the class is how the brain forms and retains memories for experiences to guide future decision making. The course will also discuss how you can use the research on memory to improve your own memory and study habits. The course is taught by Dr. Brock Kirwan, whose primary research area is memory and the brain.


    1. Attached is a flyer for a 403R practicum coding course offered Fall 2019-Winter 2020 that a few of BYU’S MFT faculty will be teaching. This research experience would be very useful for undergraduates considering a graduate degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.  In addition, an MFT graduate program Info Session will be happening April 18th at 11am. Please email for more information about these opportunities.





    • The Heritage Community has a "Thirty in 30" campaign, where they have a goal to hire at least 30 employees during the month of April!  To kick off this campaign, you are invited to their Recruiting Open House Thursday, April 11th from 1:30 - 4:00 PM!  This "meet and greet" event is for anyone seeking employment, and who would want to learn more about our job opportunities and overall program!  There will be food trucks, with no charge to any attendee!  Campus tours will be offered for those who would like to see our facilities.  But the key aspect is for anyone to meet our managers and myself for Q&A conversations!


    • Graduating Seniors! Please email for more information about the 2 Hour Job Search Workshop this Thursday, April 11 from 3-5pm. Any graduating student who attends will learn an efficient strategy to identify, organize and prioritize potential employers.


    • Looking for a job where you can make a difference? Daniels Academy is currently looking for Life Coaches who are able to compassionately work with students with high functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder. Want to get access to Sundance Resort, a Black Diamond Prodeal, and free meals? They offer all of that and more. Life Coaches work closely with students in helping increase social learning, developing life skills, improving executive functioning, and learning how to emotionally regulate. Daniels Academy is a premier residential treatment center located in the beautiful Heber Valley. Their staff play a vital role in the success of the program and as such they are looking for quality individuals to join our team. Members of their team have access to corporate Sundance ski passes, local gym memberships, competitive pay and a Black Diamond ProDeal. This is a great opportunity for individuals looking for an entry level position in the mental health field, special education, direct client services, family therapy, or working as a therapist. Or, if you are simply wanting to pour into others and be a mentor, please consider applying. For more information about the job and to apply please visit:


    • How to Boost Your Career Development This Summer

    Besides the usual ways of building your resume (jobs & internships), try these other methods of preparing for your post-college job search:

    1. Find and talk to people in a career you’re interested in. See the attached flyer for how to conduct “Career Exploration Interviews”.
    2. Volunteer for a cause or population you care about. Unpaid experience can be as valuable as paid experience because it demonstrates initiative, passion, and compassion. You can start by looking thru YServe.
    3. Read a book about a career field you’re curious about. You can start with free options at your local library.
    4. Take a free or inexpensive online class to build your skills and knowledge through sites like Coursera or EdX.
    5. Make an appointment with your Career Director, Linda Flores, to discuss career options and decisions. Schedule through Career Services (2590 WSC or 801-422-3000)