Guidelines for Psychology Majors Considering a Psych 399R or 496R Senior Capstone Academic Internship


To find an internship, contact the FHSS College Internship Office:


Karen Christensen

945 KMBL, 801-422-3697


Family and Social Services Internships 


Application Deadline: First day of classes. Please contact the Psych Internships office if interested in applying after the deadline. 

Prerequisites: Psych 307, 308, 309, and 310. (Formerly Psych 301, 302, 303, and 304) Must have Senior status for Psych 496R (Capstone). 

Using your current job as an internship: It is possible to use your current job as an internship, as long as the responsibilities and experiences in your job meet the Psychology Department criteria for academic internship credit: 1. Relate closely to your academic program 2. Prepare you for employment in a closely related field after graduation.

However, the Psychology Department usually discourages students from using current jobs as internships. An internship provides an opportunity to acquire new skills and hands-on experiences in a field closely related to your BS program. If you are working at an organization, you most likely already have had the experiences it offers. Students are strongly encouraged to find an experience for internship credit that is new or different from their previous experience, so that they can broaden their background, increase their opportunities for future grad school admission and/or employment, and become more marketable when they graduate.

Note: If the internship is international or involves international travel, you must complete an Individual International Internship Application at the International Study Programs Office. You will need to add the course through the Kennedy Center for International Studies and then visit the International Services Office. University policy prohibits summer sales positions from qualifying for internship credit.

The Academic Internship

As an academic intern, you will receive psychology-related experience at an internship site and will also engage in academic coursework. Your internship may be a paid or non-paid internship.

Academic Credits:

Psych 399R credit is awarded for internships: 0.5–9 credits per semester (fall/winter), and 0.5–4.5 credits per term (spring/summer). Psych 496R Senior Capstone internship is 3 credit hours. Note: A maximum of 9 total internship credit hours from either Psych 399R or Psych 496R may be taken. Credits in Psych 496R may substitute for Psych 420R to fulfill your capstone requirement. Contact your academic advisor regarding this substitution. Work Requirement: You must work at least 45 hours per semester or term to obtain 1 academic credit. The following table indicates the number of hours required to obtain the desired number of credits.

 Psych 399R and Psych 496R Requirements: 

  • Online discussion boards
  • Writing assigments
  • Completed work log
  • Self and superviser evaluations
  • Poster presentation at an open house for friends, family, and other students 

Once you have established an internship for the Psych 399R or Psych 496R course, please complete the FHSS Internship Application ( Once you submit the F&SS Internship Application an auto email will be sent to your internshiop Provider Supersvisor asking for basic information confirming your internship placement. After the psychology department recieves both your application and the provider confirmation, you will receive an email letting you know whether or not your first internship application is approved. If approved, the Intership Provider Supervisor will email insturctions for the second application. The psychology internship instructor is also available to answer questions regarding requirements for Psych 399R or Psych 496R and the course in general:


Chris Hawk

1007 KMBL, 801-422-8952


Fax: 801-422-0602