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Student Travel Authorization and Reimbursement

For Google Sheets form: (Please read before clicking on the link)

  1. Click on the link provided below
  2. Under "File" click "Make a Copy" (This step is extremely important because this is a document open to editing for all students. If you don't make a copy, your edits are going to be shown on the original form)
  3. If you don't want to make a copy of the form on Google Sheets, you can click "File", "Download As", and then "Microsoft Excel" if you prefer working in Excel.
  4. Edit the form for the need that you have (authorization or reimbursement).
  5. For the approval: complete form up to section 3: Estimated Expenses, then save and print (or save and email to Jalene). The Assumption of Risk form only needs your signature and cannot be emailed, as it needs to be a "wet" signature.
  6. For the Authorization form: Obtain all necessary approval signatures (not electronic) before travel takes place. After the trip, include a copy of this approved/signed form with other receipts.
  7. For the reimbursement (usually) after travel: complete this form with the actual expenses and amounts to be reimbursed to you, adjusted to be at or less than the amount of funding.
  8. Bring (or email) receipts and these forms to Jalene McDonald, 1084 KMBL or

Link To Student Travel Authorization and Reimbursement Google Sheet: