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DAN BJORNN: Graduating Class of 2018

Dan is currently a data scientist at a software start-up called Neuro-ID.

Dan Bjourn


1. A brief explanation of your experience in Brigham Young University's Psychology Graduate Student Program:

Dan:"I attended BYU for both the B.S. and Ph.D. programs. Needless to say, I spent a long time at BYU. My career plans through my undergrad and the start of grad school were to go into academia, so I was heavily involved as a research assistant. I mostly worked with Dr. Michael Larson and Dr. Mikle South as well as picking up a few smaller projects in other labs. This experience in the lab helped me to realize that I loved working with data and solving problems that come up research. 

It wasn't until grad school that I started to see the many applications that psychology and cognitive neuroscience have. I had the opportunity to work with a collaborative team of professors in the Information Systems department along with my mentor, Dr. Brock Kirwan. This experience really changed my career plans. We did research on how the design of computer security warnings could improve a person's security behavior. It was fun for me to see how the things I had learned in years of classes could apply to real-world problems."

I loved my experience at BYU, both as an undergrad and graduate student! It was a great chance for me to learn about career options and try new things. A very important part of my experience was being involved in clubs and activities as well as being a research assistant and teaching assistant. I got to meet a lot of great students and professors through these opportunities and those connections helped me in the future. 

2. What are your post-graduation plans are/were/what are you currently doing:

Dan: "I am currently a data scientist at a software start-up called Neuro-ID. We analyze behavior on websites to detect fraud and help improve customer experiences. It's a fantastic opportunity to apply the things I learned in school to something that helps millions of people."

3. What would be your advice for potential students:

Dan: "Get involved. Whether it's as a research assistant, as a teaching assistant, in clubs, or through other activities, do something to connect with faculty and fellow students. All of my opportunities in undergrad, graduate school, and even my current job came because of people I knew. Find ways to branch out and apply what you are learning in classes, even in other departments or industries. Psychology has so many applications! 

If you would like to talk, please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn. I'm happy to share my experiences if it will help."