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Diversity and Inclusion

"Prejudice, hate and discrimination are learned. We call on people everywhere to join us in a journey of understanding and overcoming."

~ President Russell M. Nelson

Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Dawn-Marie Wood

Diversity and Inclusion Chair
Assistant Professor
Behavioral Neuroscience
Diversity and Gender Studies
1072 KMBL, 801-422-0374

Blake Jones

Assistant Professor
Developmental Psychology, Health Emphasis
1092 KMBL, 801-422-6363

Melissa Jones

Assistant Professor
Clinical Psychology
272 TLRB, 801-422-6480

Sandra Sephton

Psychology, Health Emphasis
1052 KMBL, 801-422-5355

Student Committee

Trent Hulme (Coordinator)

Justina Ababio

Rashel Acireale-Rojas

Olivia Bryant

Kade Cope

Evelyn Jimenez

Rebekah Kaylor

"If we strive for true unity by following the Savior's example to love others, regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation, political leanings, or other distinguishing characteristics, we can truly transform both our university community and the larger world with which we interact."
~ President Kevin J. Worthen (January 12, 2021)