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Dianne Tice

Dianne Tice

Professor, Applied Social Psychology

1044 KMBL

Dr. Tice's Research Interests:

For my entire career, I have been interested in issues of identity and the self. Over the years, I have worked on a variety of different aspects of self and identity. My earliest work focused on self-esteem and self-presentation, and I have also published work on self-handicapping, identity crises, self-control & self-regulation, self-concept, effects of social rejection on the self, self-knowledge, emotion and the self, interpersonal aspects of the self, structure of the self, humility, procrastination, self-enhancement, self-protection, executive functions of the self, reflected selves/ the looking glass self, and willpower and agency.

Studies we are currently conducting in the lab and topics of interest include:

  • Self-control
  • Self-handicapping
  • Procrastination
  • Humility
  • Self-compassion
  • The (so-called) replicability "crisis"

Recent Papers:

Contact Notes

Mailing Address
Dept. of Psychology
KMBL 1044
Brigham Young University
Provo, Utah 84602

Office phone: (801) 422-7720
I am hearing impaired so email is better.

See professor Dianne Tice's website here.