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Funding for Students Participating in Academic Conferences

The Marjorie Pay Hinckley Endowed Chair in Social Work and the Social Sciences and the Mary Lou Fulton Chair in the College of Family, Home and Social Sciences provide funds to support student participation in professional academic conferences. These awards can be used to pay for the student’s conference registration, travel, meals and lodging. It is understood that the department will share a portion of the costs.


  1. Level of student involvement in the research effort. Grants should only be requested for students who played a significant role in the research effort.
  2. Quality of the conference. Participation at a national conference is given greater weight than at a regional conference.
  3. Funded students should only be those who will be significantly involved in the presentation at the conference. If more than two students will present the same poster or paper, the faculty mentor and the department chair should justify why additional students require funding.
  4. Funding is only provided for the days the student(s) will be presenting. The college is not able to fund lodging and meals for all days of the conference.
  5. The Department is expected to participate in funding some of the student costs. Departments should provide a greater portion of the funding for conferences that are overseas or in high cost destinations.
  6. Students who have graduated may be considered for funding if the research was conducted prior to graduation and the conference takes place within the same academic year in which the student graduated.
  7. Grants are available for professional academic conferences only. Participation in undergraduate, non-professional meetings will not be funded.

Requests will be considered as long as there is available funding. Early application is strongly encouraged. Applications need to be submitted no later than two months prior to the beginning of the conference.


Students do not apply directly for the grant. Funding requests are made by the faculty mentor with whom the student collaborated in doing the research. The faculty mentor completes questions 1‐14 on this form. When finished, the faculty member sends the entire form to the department chair, who completes questions 15‐18. The department chair then sends the completed form as an email attachment to The form must be received from the department chair’s BYU email account. Please complete the form using Adobe Reader, not Mac Preview.

REQUIREMENT FOR ALL RECIPIENTS: Within a month following the conference each recipient and his or her faculty mentor is required to write a report about how the student(s) benefited from presenting at the conference. Please turn in reports to Jamie Moesser at