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MAX MAISEL: Graduating Class of 2018

Max has his own private practice in LA.

Max Maisel


1. A brief explanation of your experience in Brigham Young University's Psychology Graduate Student Program:

Max: "I have my PhD In clinical psychology from BYU's doctoral program. I started the program in 2013 and graduated in 2018. I loved how all of the various interventions, assessments, and theories we learned were state-of-the-art and grounded in the latest psychological research. BYU's Clinical Psych program also prepared me to be a well rounded psychologist, as it equally emphasized clinical work (therapy, assessment) and research. I was exposed to so many amazing training opportunities, including working at BYU's counseling center, a VA hospital, chronic pain clinic, school settings, and more. The professors and supervisors I had were all extremely intelligent, caring, and hard-working individuals. I also got to conduct my research with Dr. Mikle South on ways people with autism can manage anxiety. Even though I preferred clinical work to research, I was able to publish several studies in peer reviewed journals."

2. What are your post-graduation plans are/were/what are you currently doing:

Max: "I finished my APA accredited internship at California State University Northridge, and then my postdoctoral fellowship at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. I completed the very last step of the process in 2019, where I finally became a licensed clinical psychologist in the state of CA. I am currently living in Los Angeles. I have my own private practice ( and do contract work for an intensive OCD treatment program."

3. What would be your advice for potential students:

Max: "BYU has an amazing clinical psychology PhD program. I was most nervous about the research and data analysis portion of the program, but the professors really know their stuff and are great teachers. Also, the cohort size of the program is small, so you get a lot of 1 on 1 time with your mentor and will make life long connections with your professors, supervisors, and cohort mates. If you do want to pursue a PhD in Clinical Psychology at BYU, make sure your area of interest matches what your research mentor does. You don't want to be stuck doing a dissertation on a topic that you are not passionate about."