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Clinical Psychology Ph.D. - Tuition and Financial Support


To see current tuition rates for both LDS and Non-LDS students, please click here.

Financial Support

Financial support is offered in several ways:

Tuition Support:
Tuition assistance is available during the first four years of the program, with all students receiving scholarships for at least 1/2 the LDS tuition amount. During the past academic year, proceeds from endowments allowed us to cover the full cost of tuition for all students during Fall and Winter Semesters. We anticipate providing the same level of tuition support in future years contingent on endowment yields.

Teaching and Research Assistantships:
These 15-hour-per-week positions are awarded to all interested first- and second-year students, giving them an opportunity to work closely with faculty in Clinical Psychology. Such contracts offer just over $4,920 each for Fall and Winter Semesters, as well as $2,460 for Spring Term, or a total of $12,300 for the academic year.

AmeriCorps Grants
The School of Social Work and Center for Service and Learning at BYU have an AmeriCorps grant through the Utah Commission of Volunteerism. They graciously share their grant allowing our students to receive an Education Award (tuition funding) for certain kinds of experiences each year. There are three levels of grants ranging from $1200-$2200 for externship work already being done at non-profit or not-for-profit agencies. Students must be American Citizens or have permanent resident status to be eligible.

Paid Clinical Practica:
After the first year, students are placed in clinical work settings throughout the community with specific assignments based on interests, skill level, and professional goals. These placements are generally assigned for one year and then rotated in order to provide breadth of experience. Most externships pay about $16-20 per hour and students work approximately 20 hours per week during the third and fourth years. Because of these rich clinical experiences, our students apply for internships with a strong clinical foundation.

Pre-Doctoral Internship Support :
During the year-long internship completed in the 5th training year, students receive financial support from the institution offering the internship. The current average annual stipend across all US internships is $31,100.

Teaching Opportunities:
Students interested in teaching may have the opportunity to carry full responsibility for certain undergraduate courses in the Psychology Department after they have successfully completed Psychology 693, Teaching Psychology. Instructors are generally paid about $2500 for a 3-credit course, assuming the minimum of 20 students is reached.

Research and Travel Support:
All students are provided support up to $1000 for their dissertation research, dependent upon a proposal demonstrating the expenses. In addition, grants from the Program, Department, and College are available for travel to conferences in which students are presenting research papers or posters. Travel support can often cover the entire expense of one to two domestic conferences per year and is available each year.

Short Term and Long Term Loans:
In addition to federal government guaranteed student loans, BYU offers both short and long-term loans through internal resources. Contact the Financial Aid Office at (801) 422-4104 or online at BYU's Financial Aid website.

Competitive Awards:
Some Clinical Psychology students have also been successful in competing for awards offered through the university, generally through the Psychology Department, Graduate Studies, or The College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences: Experiential Learning Funds, Research Presentation Awards, Internship/Clerkship Grants, Graduate Mentoring Awards, the High Impact Graduate Research Award, and so forth.

Administrative Support

Students with disabilities will be accommodated in accordance with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. University services are relatively extensive, and the Program makes every effort to provide reasonable accommodations. Contact the University Accessibility Center for more information (

The University provides extensive counseling services, free of charge, to all University personnel, full-time students, and their dependents, mostly through Counseling and Psychological Services. The Comprehensive Clinic also provides free services to University students. Furthermore, the Clinical Director at BYU’s Counseling and Psychological Services can provide a referral to a psychiatrist at the Student Health Center (

Multicultural, International, and Women's Support:
Various University sponsored organizations representing diverse cultures are available. Contact Multicultural Student Services for more information ( The Office of International Student Services provides both social and practical support to international students ( A variety of support, counseling, and educational services are provided to women, coordinated through the office of BYU Women’s Services and Resources (