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Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Emphasis

This program and emphasis area is for students who want training in research and teaching, with an eye toward the integration of psychology and neuroscience. This training can be used in a future career that includes some combination of academic research, teaching, and/or application (e.g., neuroimaging or consulting). This is not the program for a career in Clinical Neuropsychology which requires a degree in clinical psychology and licensure. Clinical Neuropsychology is a track within the Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program.

Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Course Requirements

  • General Core Courses:
    Req. TypeDepartmentCourse #HoursCourse Name
    MAJPsych5013Data Analysis in Psych Rsrch 1
    MAJPsych5023Data Analysis in Psych Rsrch 2
    MAJPsych5043Research Design
    MAJPsych5203Adv Developmental Psych
    MAJPsych5503Theory & Research in Soc Psych
    MAJPsych5753Cognitive & Affective Processes
    MAJPsych5853Neuro/Biol Bases of Behavior
    MAJPsych605R6Prof Seminar in Psych (1/semester=6 semesters)
    MAJPsych6081Ethic in Psychology Research DISS
    DISSPsych799R18Dissertation (see recommended sequence in Grad Handbook)
  • Elective:
    Choose 3 emphasis area electives of your choice (9 credits). Courses listed below are just a few of the many elective options to choose from.
    Req. TypeDepartmentCourse #HoursCourse Name
    ELCPsych5143Computational Neuroimaging
    ELCPsych5153Neuroimaging Analysis 1
    ELCPsych5163Neuroimaging 2
    ELCPsych5173Neuroimaging Analysis 3: fMRI
    ELCPsych687R3Seminar in Psychopharmacology
    ELCPsych712R3Topics in Neuropsychology
    ELCPsych7853Adv Topics in Behavioral Neuro
Research Areas & Faculty
We have full-time Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience faculty with research interests in the following areas:

Other neuroscience faculty in other departments can be found at the website for the interdisciplinary Neuroscience program.

For additional information about our Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience program, please contact Rachelle Gunderson at 801-422-4560 or at